Twin-fluid mobile firefighting system

A nozzle that transforms firefighting, co-developed with the Paris Fire Brigade.

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A technological breakthrough in firefighting

+ efficient

A unique and patented water droplet fragmentation process that increases the quality of firefighting.

+ ecological

Reasonable use of water, consuming 6 to 8 times less than a conventional nozzle.

+ secure

Allows cooling of flue gases, reduction of radiated fluxes, and capture of suspended particles.

+ simple

Easier to use and offers great manoeuvrability and flexibility for all firefighters.

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Discover the Deltae nozzle 

A solution that is more necessary than ever in the face of climate change and the threat of fires.

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How the Zelup nozzle works

Our product meets economic, health and environmental challenges, improving the quality and operational safety of firefighters.

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La lance Ă  incendie diphasique - Zelup
Pompier face au feu lance Ă  incendie diphasique - Zelup
Pompier lance Ă  incendie diphasique noir et blanc - Zelup
Pompier lance Ă  incendie diphasique - Zelup