New Cleaning Technology


Effective, economical and entirely safe cleaning by Zelup®

High velocity cleaner

Coming from a new technology patented by Zelup®, our cleaners rely on high velocity. Instead of simply project high pressured water, Zelup® cleaners pulverize water into droplets which are propelled at a very high speed. This unique functioning system thus cleans without damaging.

Ecofriendly cleaners

Thanks to the Zelup® Technology our cleaners use between 15 and 40 liters per hour. that is to say 15 times less than a regular high-pressure cleaner. This low consumption ensures that no water will infiltrate nor drown the cleaned surfaces. Zelup® offers you an ecofriendly cleaning tool that won't damage your surfaces.

Indoor & outdoor use

Their unique functionning sytem and low water consumption make our cleaners usable anywhere. No more puddles or splashes! You can clean your rental equipment, your production machines or even degrease your worshops and tools. The cleaning area will stay spotless and dry, wether indoor or outdoor.