About us

Our founder, Thomas Issler

Self-taught in fluid mechanics, our founder Thomas Issler started working on two-phase technology in 2013 to develop a water-saving device.

In 2017, the Paris Fire Brigade contacted him to work on adapting the Zelup technology to fire hoses. Since then, he has filed several patents. Always looking for new innovations, Thomas is working on a number of projects to improve firefighter safety and save one of our planet’s vital resources: water.


Creation of Zelup

Au démarrage, spécialiste des solutions de nettoyage haute-pression écologiques

Development of a patented process

La technologie diphasique : une fragmentation de gouttelettes d’eau et un flux d’air à très haute vitesse

The 100% functional Zelup nozzle

Premières livraisons des véhicules opérationnels équipés du système diphasique

Merger with leader group

Opération qui va permettre d’accélérer la croissance et le développement de Zelup en France et à l’international

“Today, water is at the heart of Zelup’s business, and we are working every day on other applications of two-phase technology” Thomas Issler