Two-phase technology for firefighters

Technologie Diphasique - Zelup
Lance diphasique - Zelup
Lance diphasique - Zelup

Deltae by Zelup: the revolutionary nozzle

The Deltae (abbreviation of “air water nozzle fire extinguishing device” in French) revolutionizes fire extinguishing systems with a unique process: two-phase misting flow. The firefighters who took part in the tests are unanimous: this new nozzle is safer, more effective and more ecological.

This product developed by Zelup produces and propels fine water droplets through a very high-speed air stream.

The process significantly reduces the flow rate, thus consuming 6 to 8 times less water than a traditional nozzle. With this powerful and ecological two-phase system, each drop of water plays its role and takes action on the fire system.

How does this (patented) two-phase system work



Water (6-12 bars)

Air (6 bars)

Specific nozzle

Two-phase fogs (4 types)

Two-phase fogging is a fog obtained by a hydropneumatics water fragmentation process. The water droplets (liquid phase) are very finely divided by the expansion of air (gas phase). The fine droplets are then propelled in a gas stream at very high speed, allowing them to be carried to the heart of the fire.

The power of drops

A paradigm shift in firefighting response

Energie - Zelup
Review of operational doctrine and fire engagement concepts
Feu - Zelup
Special attention to the energy part of the fire triangle

Revolutionary firefighting system

Firefighter protection

Ease and manoeuvrability 

Reasonable use of water

Effective extinction

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