A high-speed gun, ideal for car cleaning

The car wash has never been easier. It is aimed at both individuals and professionals. Your car cleaning equipment must to be efficient, fast, and easy to use.

Zelup Blaster is a high speed cleaner that combines each of these three qualities. It saves time and money.

Professional car washing equipment

The Zelup Blaster cleaning gun is convenient for any type of use. It is aimed both at the professional of the car wash as well as the individual who wants to get a professional car wash equipment at home.

Thanks to its unique 2-position trigger system, Zelup Blaster goes into the pneumatic gun mode when the trigger is set at the mid-point position. It removes dust and residues in even the tightest corners where common cleaning tools could not access.

In the end position of the trigger, Zelup Blaster turns into a powerful cleaning tool. The Zelup Blaster enables to clean parts like wheel rims, the engine and its surroundings, the car doors and trunk entries, the pedals, the glove box, door pockets...

It is a professional car cleaning tool that preserves your vehicle because it washes without contact, without friction in the Blower mode; it provokes neither micro-scratches, nor an abrasive effect.


Zelup Blaster is a very cost-effective car washing station. Its patented defragmentation system enables to consume only a very small quantity of water, unlike with a high-pressure cleaning system.


You can even use the Zelup Blaster indoors or in your garage. Unlike traditional cleaning systems, Zelup Blaster safeguards the environment and does not flood the space where it is used.


Just by connecting it to the water supply and to a compressor. This car cleaning kit can easily be connected and replaces alone all cleaning tools that are usually used for cars.


Zelup Blaster is made of an ultra-resistant material, protecting it from shock or rolling damages. For more advanced use, Zelup Blaster can be supplied as a mobile complete car wash station.


Zelup Blaster offers the best way for cleaning all the delicate parts of your car: Engine, rims, car door entry, trunk entry, pedals, car mats, door pockets, glove box...